1. How do I trade?

Trading with binary options is very simple. With common Digital options, all you must do is choose the financial instrument you wish to trade in, whether this is Commodities, Currencies, Indices or Stocks. Once you have chosen, you then need to set a “close” time, along with your estimation on whether the market price will move up or down in a given time.

2. What is an underlying asset?

An underlying asset can be a stock, a commodity, a currency pair, or an index. The trading process is based on trading on the change of price of the underlying assets.

3. Which underlying assets can I purchase as binary options?

We have a large amount of stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs, which can all be traded online through us – the binary options broker.

4. What is a Call option?

A Call option is when you speculate that the price of an asset at the time of expiry will be higher than at the time of purchase.

5. What is a Put option?

A Put option is when you speculate that the price of an asset at the time of expiry will be lower than at the time of purchase.

6. What is the investment amount?

This is the amount of money placed on a trade, which is then used to calculate the potential profit. It is also the maximum amount that you can lose in a trade.

7. What does it mean to finish ”in the money”?

In case your contract expires ”in the money”, it means that you have speculated correctly and that you make a profit.

8. What does it mean to finish ”out the money”?

You have speculated incorrectly and have lost the traded amount.

9. What happens if the asset price finishes at the same price it was at the moment of purchase?

To put it simply, the investment amount is returned to you with no profit and no loss.

10. Do I have to tax my investment income?

As brokers, we do not deduct takes from your account. You need to check your country’s legislation whether you are obliged to tax your investment income.

11. Do I need any special software to start trading?

No. Our platform works directly in an Internet browser. However, we do recommend that you use an updated browser, which will allow you to use all of the features of your platform to its full extent.

12. What is the expiration time?

This is time chosen by the trader that the position closes, and the trader finds out whether they invested correctly and made a profit, or alternatively incurred a loss.

13. What is the time zone of expiration time?

This is GMT – London.

14. How much does it cost to open an account?

It costs nothing to open an account; however, in order to start trading, the trader much deposit funds into their account.

15. Is our website safe?

Our website is safe, and we use the 128bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption in combination with a certificate to protect our clients’ transaction. Financial institutions use the same technology.