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Welcome to ZoomTrader education section

Are you not sure how Binary options work? In the ZoomTrader education section, we provide comprehensive material which should answer all of your questions, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced trader.

Check out our collection of videos, interactive courses, or an ebook personalized for your trading. All this can help you gain insight into the world of binary options – you will learn how to trade and how to make your own analysis. If you prefer more interactivity in your learning, sign up to our next webinar where you will be introduced to the whole platform by a member of the ZoomTrader team.

Interactive introduction

  • Introduction to Binary Options
  • Trading Psychology
  • Financial management
  • Market Analysis


Binary options e-book

  • Trader Strategies
  • Capital Management
  • Glossary of terms
  • 50+ pages of information


Video courses

  • Binary options advantages
  • Market analysis types
  • Passive & Agressive trading
  • Chance and Risk



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