Trade Copper

Copper tends to be found in wires as it is very good at conducting electricity and heat, and is relatively cheap compared to silver. Approximately half of the copper that is mined is used to manufacture electrical wires and cable conductors. It is orange in colour and is used in building materials, as well as being present in a high number of alloys.
Copper is one of the most important constituents of carat silver and gold alloys and carat solders used in the jewellery industry, which modifies the colour, hardness and melting point of the resulting alloys. It has antibacterial qualities and was first used in coins and ornaments from about 8,000BC. Copper demanders and suppliers have the potential to increase in value, but the supply could outpace the demand, which would drive the price of copper down. Copper Value Investor Survey (long term investment) states that Copper’s long term growth potential is very favourable due to high scores on difficulty to expand short term supply, sensitivity to price changes and the SWOT analysis. The world’s largest producer of copper is Chile, as well as throughout the Andean region.

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