Trade Sugar

In the Western world, the average person consumes approximately 24kg of sugar ever year. It can be found in both natural and artificial forms, and adds a sweetness to food and drinks. It is a product that is in high demand from food manufacturers. It is mostly found in Brazil and India, deriving from sugar beet and sugar cane; however, it can be grown in any tropical climate. From a commercial point of view, the origins of sugar can date back to fourth century India, who found a way to crystallise the sugar, the Moors found a way to perfect it.

When sugar mills and refineries were developed, sugar became very successful in the Muslim world. It was once so rare and expensive that the common table sugar we know now was referred to as ‘white gold’. The demand for ethanol impacts the international price of sugar, and it the first half of 2008, sugar price increased by more than 20%. In 2011, the world produced in excess of 168 million tonnes of sugar.

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