Nasdaq Future

Trade Nasdaq Future

This is the world’s largest electronically traded stock exchange. The NASDAQ futures are investment instruments which allow an investor to hedge with or speculate on the future value of various components. The contracts oblige the parties to buy and sell the derivative at a certain price at a certain time, which has been predetermined. All the contracts are a product of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. They expire quarterly in March, June, September and December and are traded on the CME Globex exchange 24hrs a day. Saturday is the only day in which they do not trade. The main use of these contracts is to hedge or speculate over financial goals – usually to hedge or offset investment risk by commodity owners, or portfolios with undesirable risk exposure offset by the futures position. The trading is skyrocketing, CME’s E-mini contracts averaged 3.5 million contracts a day in 2008, a 37% yearly increase in volume, while volume equity increased by 2% for the same amount of time.