Trade Amazon

Amazon was founded in 1994, and has become a hugely successful online retailer in North America and Internationally. The four customer sets include consumers, sellers, enterprises and content creators. Sellers can sell their products on its website and fulfil orders on the various programs it offers. It generates revenue from marketing and promotional services too, such as online advertising, and co-branded credit card agreements. The Amazon Kindle has proved hugely successful in the last couple of years, and that was manufactured and sold by them.

Amazon typically offers low product pricing and shipping offers, including through membership in Amazon Prime. It fulfils the customers’ demands in a range of ways, including international fulfilment centres and warehouses, which it operates through co-sourced and outsourced arrangements in certain countries and through digital delivery. CreateSpace is also run by Amazon and provides on-demand publishing and manufacturing for independent content creators, publishers, film studios and music labels for authors, musicians, film makers and other content creators.

Trade AMZN