Trade Danone

This French food company, began in Spain, and was founded in 1919 by Isaac Carasso in Barcelona. It got its name from a Catalan diminutive of the name of his first-born son, Daniel. It moved to France 10 years after it first opened, and the first French factory began operations. During the Nazi occupation of France during WWII, Daniel temporarily moved the company to New York, USA due to his Jewish Faith. Whilst in New York, Daniel partnered with Swiss-born Spaniard Joe Metzger and the name was changed to Dannon, to sound more American. He returned to Paris in 1951, and the American business was sold in 1959. In 1967, Danone merged with Gervais, and became Gervais Danone.

The company has focused on producing fresh milk products, baby foods, biscuits, cereal products and medical nutrition products, as well as co-producing bottled water. Brands include, Danone, a brand of fresh dairy products; Evian, bottled still water; Volvic, and international brand of still water; and Aqua, a brand of packaged water in Indonesia. It has a presence in the baby food market in France, through Bledina, its subsidiary, as well as a line of low-fat products under the names Taillefine, Vitalinea and Ser, and operates in numerous subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Americas.
In 2006, approximately 56% of sales derived from dairy, 28% from beverages, and 16% from biscuits and cereals. In Asia, it has acquired Yili, Aqua and Robust and has a 51 holding in China’s Wahaha Joint Venture Company, giving it a total market share of 20% and making it the leading vendor of packaged in Asia.