France Telecom

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France Telecom is a mobile operator, internet service provider and telecommunications provider for a lot of Europe. These places include France, Spain, Poland and the UK, and is based in France. It offers a range of services covering fixed and mobile communications, data transmissions, the internet and multimedia, mobile telephone services, network service, integration and information management for communication applications among other services under the Orange and France Telecom brand names.

There are a number of other subsidiaries including Orange Dominicana, Orange Caraibes, FT Espana, Orange Catalunya, Orange Romania and affiliated companies including Sonatel, Korek Telecom, Medi Telecom, Orange Tunisie. The company also provides platform services, including customer relationship management, messaging, hosting, cloud computing, security solutions, infrastructure applications management, and machine-to-machine services; collaborative services comprising consulting, integration and product management, and sales of equipment associated with integration services.

In late December 2011, France Telecom had a customer base of 226 million customers, 167.4 million mobile phone customers and 14.7 million broadband internet customers. It employs approximately 180,000 people and in 2010, the group had a revenue of 45.5billion euros.

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