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ING is a global company, who offers financial services, including banking, investment, life insurance and retirement services for individuals, families, small businesses, corporations, institutions, and governments worldwide.

ING Group, operates a network of approximately 280 branches in the Netherlands, and 773 branches in Belgium. It was founded in 1991, and the headquarters are in Amsterdam. The company is a subsidiary of Stitching ING Aandelen, and in February 2012, Capital One Financial Corp acquired ING Direct business in the United States from the Company. In 2010, it was the largest banking and financial services and insurance conglomerate in the world by revenue with receipts exceeding 54 billion Euros per annum. The group was the 12th largest corporation in the world by revenue per the 2010 Global Fortune 500. As of 2009, ING served over 85 million individual and institutional clients in 45 plus countries, with a worldwide workforce exceeding 100,000.

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