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This company has its headquarters in the Morgan Stanley Building in Midtown Manhattan in New York and is essentially a financial holding company. The three main operating segments are Institutional Securities, Global Wealth Management Group and Asset Management, as well as providing financial advisory and capital-raising services to a group of corporate clients worldwide. The company came into existence in 1935, and was formed by J.P Morgan and Henry S. Morgan, in response to the Glass Stegall Act that required the splitting of commercial and investment banking businesses. During the first year, they operated with a 24% market share in public offerings and private placements. In late December 2011, the Company’s Global Wealth Management Group had $1,649 billion in client assets. In February 2011, the company completed the sale of the Revel Entertainment Group, LLC (Revel).

They conduct sales, trading, financing and market-making activities on securities and futures exchanges and in over-the-counter markets worldwide. The Company’s Institutional Securities sales and trading activities consists of Equity Trading; Fixed Income and Commodities; Clients and Services; Research, and Investments. They act as principal and agent in executing transactions worldwide in equity and equity-related products, including common stock, ADRs, global depositary receipts and exchange-traded funds.

In 1962, Morgan Stanley created the first viable computer model for financial analysis, which started a new trend in this field. In 1967, it established the Morgan and Cie International in Paris, in order to enter the European securities market. It acquired Brooks, Harvey and co. in 1967, and made a presence in the real estate business. By 1971, they had established its Mergers and Acquisition presence with Sales and Trading, which is believed to have been thought and developed by Bob Baldwin.

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