Trade Siemens

They are the largest European based electronics company in the world. The company has equity investments in telecommunications infrastructure supply and household appliance companies, as well as in a company that provides open communications, network, and security solutions. The company was founded in 1847, and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. They were responsible for building the first long-distance telegraph line in Europe, stretching 500km from Berlin to Frankfurt am Main. This led to them being involved in building long distance telegraph networks in Russia in the 1850’s.

In 1867, Siemens completed the monumental Indo-European telegraph line. In 1881, a Siemens AC Alternator driven by a watermill was used to power the world’s first electric street lighting in the town of Godalming, UK. They continued to grow and progressed into electric trains and lightbulbs. It now employs approximately 360,000 people across nearly 190 countries and brought in a reported global revenue of 73.5 billion Euros for the year of 2011. They also have a primary listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and a secondary listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

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