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Walt Disney is a diversified worldwide entertainment business that has created arguably some of the most famous films of all times, as well as owning hugely successful theme parks in various locations around the globe. This company also owns a vast network of media outlet, including a broadcast television network, television production and distribution, television stations, broadcast radio networks, radio stations, and publishing digital operations. It operates the ABC Television Network and 8 owned television stations, the ESPN Radio Network and Radio Disney Network, as well as 35 owned radio stations. It is the largest media conglomerate in the world with regards to revenue.

In October 2011, it had approximately 1,700 active and produced and acquired titles, including 1,300 live-action titles and 400 animated titles, in the domestic home entertainment marketplace and approximately 2,900 active produced and acquired titles, including 2,400 live-action titles and 500 animated titles, in the international marketplace. In late 2011, it also took full ownership of the mobile gaming unit of UTV Software Communications Ltd.

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